Double Dribble

Sport 1987 Dos Dosbox Konami Basketball

Lovely oldschool basketball game!

Double Dribble is a late 80s basketball sim, arcade as they used to be, slightly more graphically advanced than what the era was generally know for, and fun as they could ever get. Sure, oldschool purists might find Basketmaster to be a more, hmm, pure oldschool basketball game, but there is something to be said about an old game that doesn't make your eyes hurt every time you boot it up. Nope, forget about magentas being the number on color, this one actually displays a playing field that is that yellow orange color that is generally associated with basketball, and, also, it puts some diversity into the player sprites and their animations as well. Combine that with alright, responsive controls, and with an AI that is interesting to play against and you have this game here, a truly remarkable experience throughout. I might also point you towards Basketball Challenge for an era specific arcader take on basketball, and you should have quite a few options for your oldschool, nostalgia driven want for basketball games!

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