Street Sports: Basketball

Sport 1987 Dos Epyx Basketball

3 against 3 basketball; fun for short periods

Street Sports Basketball is a good representative of the old CGA action sports game under budget niche; it's short, it's playable but too mechanical and unreliable, and while fun for short periods of time, the very mechanical nature of it will inadvertently put an end to the fun you can have with it. As such, Street Sports Basketball is just the kind of game that you want to play when you've a feeling you want to reminisce about the past, without it being the sole game you're playing! At any rate, it's street basketball in 3vs3, and you control each phase of the game with the same 2 buttons. Some of the actions of the player are automatic, and I'd say a bit too slow, while you can control your player with the ball and decide whom to pass or whether you want to shoot or not. Quite basic, as I mentioned. It, at least, has good enough controls, so you never feel out of it. And, a good alternative, if you like oldschool basketball, is Double Dribble, more modern yet very arcadey in feel, and playable as well.

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