Fast Break

Sport 1988 Dos Accolade Basketball

Three on three basketball

Fast Break is a cool, if minimalist basketball game, that pits you against the computer, or you against another human opponent. Each team has a number of 3 players on the field, a guard, a center and a forward located player. This is a fast twitch game more than anything, as, given that the positional play is not that important, you basically have to make sure you play as fast as you can. In comparison to another sport, I'd say this game is mostly in the style of the early Sensible Soccer series, and by that I mean that it has a certain cartoonish element to it, an ease of play that is very much welcomed and also a very simple and very easy to get control scheme. As such, Fast Break works great in offering you a very palatable, very satisfying experience, for short basketball matches, but it doesn't really manage to be a very long lived game. As a strategic addition, there are also 14 types of plays, so that you can vary the way your players will behave, though in truth, it's your speed and accuracy that will dictate the winner. Very well done game, throughout.

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