Dragon Lore II: The Heart of the Dragon Man

Adventure 1996 Windows Cryo Interactive 3D action adventure

The kingdom is in danger, you must become a jousting chamipon!

I just adore fantasy adventure games. They are a lot more interesting than RPG's, the story line tends to be a lot more interesting and entertaining. When I first saw the original Dragon Lore, I wanted it to be good so very bad. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. The same thing happened with this sequel. It looked and seemed I good that I was sure that it would be better than the original. Again, I was disappointed. The story is set on a fictional fantasy land of Draconia, where dragons are worshiped as gods. The land is under a threat from The Hordes from the Land of Nightmares. You, young von Wallenrod, newly appointed as Dragon Knight, must become strong enough to win in a jousting tournament against the champion from the opposing kingdom. Thus, you are sent on a series of quest during your journey that will make you tougher and more experienced. When I first set my eyes on the game, i was amazed. It looks so beautiful! Truly remarkable, I must say. But then the game began crashing, freezing and staggering. Okay... This can be tolerated if the gameplay was good.. It wasn't. Unfortunately, while not very bad, it still isn't in the range of quality the rest of the game has. There are a few quirks and twists that you just can't handle and this completely ruins the anticipation one can have before playing. This is such a shame, because I really, REALLY wanted the game to be good. It's a shame that it's only barely okay.

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