Future Wars

Adventure 1989 Dos Dosbox Delphine Software Science Fiction Third Person

Adventures in Time impresses graphically; worth it!

Future Wars: Adventures in Time is a beautiful Sci Fi heavy adventure game, with both a futuristic theme, as well as modern, cinematic production; then again, having been released it 89, it hadn't had the time to shed its verb interface; so, even if the graphics looks astounding (for their time) you still are gotten out of your adventure mindset by the unfortunate and nasty addition of the verb interface. But, either way, Future Wars: Adventures in Time plays very nice, plays satisfyingly fast. That is because the puzzles are never too hard; so, with that in mind, you can give it a go, it will offer you a pretty good adventure; sure, there is a lot of pixel hunting there, and also, there are other classic sets of puzzles, but they are all pretty well strung together. Something similar, with aliens and futuristic, is to be found in Return to Ringworld, which might even be better from some points of view, especially the puzzles, which are undoubtedly, in this later on, more original. Try them both though, they offer a great experience.

Adventure game with a innovative plot

The game has unique plot where the user will play the role of a little and simple window cleaner who due to his curiosity of exploring things finds out a hidden time machine in the chief's office. So from that point onwards is his adventure in search of Four Words, beautiful girls and evil aliens. It's a click adventure game where the right click will give you a verb menu to select from. There are six commands from which you have to choose 1 and then you will move your mouse over your desired target and will execute it through a simple click. So the gameplay is quite simple but is quite interesting and the graphics are very eye friendly and attractive. One of the more frequent and interesting sports in this game is pixel hunting and you will have to be very smooth and careful for moving the mouse in search of objects having 1 by 1 pixels. Once you find the objects, they will be portrayed or presented in the form of enlarged drawings. The plot of this game is quite inventive and addictive. Operation Stealth is one of my other favorite games in the adventure category.

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