Duckman: The Legend of the Fall

Adventure 1997 Windows Playmates Interactive Entertainment Third Person Cartoon

Cartoon adventure with intensely mature innuendos

There's something quite satisfying about playing an adventure game that feels perfectly tame and clean which will at times throw you some one-liners or even some graphically semi explicit visuals your way. But that is the universe of Duckman, a comics series that was popular in the 90s and which received quite a few spinoffs. At any rate, you will control none other than Duckman himself, while trying to navigate your way out of all sort of trouble, with the ultimate goal to get back on a TV show. Yap, being part of a TV show was the big craze of the 90s, still continued today, and so, you will get a taste of pop culture expert references, if you have the ears to hear it. The game is a good blend of puzzles, mostly inventory based, but also a good comic book story delivered through the game. So, if you don't mind a cartoon drawn adventure that delivers some mature innuendos and some unexpected reminders of the pop culture of the 90s, this game can be a good companion. Once you settle into the story you will find it very hard to say goodbye to these characters so you're very probably going to be enticed to play to the end.

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