Alpha Storm

Action 1997 Windows Psygnosis Shooter Aliens invasion 3D action adventure

Successful mix of FPS and space combat

An obscure combination of sci-fi FPS and spaceship simulator, Alpha Storm is an ambitious attempt at doing something different, and while it isn't entirely successful, it is certainly unusual enough to warrant some investigation. Players get the chance to travel through space, encountering alien races that inevitably want to kill you, and which can be defeated in one of two ways. You can either choose to engage them in ship-to-ship combat or knock out their shields and then teleport in to take them on directly. The former approach is played out via a well implemented tactical map, which allows you to make use of various weapons and devices, such as cloaking devices and radar jammers, and this section actually provides some tense and exciting battles. By teleporting down, you enter a more traditional first-person perspective, but here you have access to psychic abilities in addition to more typical weapons. Alpha Storm makes for a highly enjoyable experience, combining as it does two genres to great effect. The space combat makes for a great strategic addition, while the FPS sections feature well-designed levels, interesting environments and generally fun gameplay, with the psychic powers adding much to the game's appeal. Throw in some cool graphics and neat sci-fi effects and you have an unexpected pleasure.

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