Duke Caribbean: Life's A Beach

Action 1997 Windows WizardWorks Shooter Aliens invasion

Humorous take on a classic actioner

If Duke Nukem 3D wasn't already light-hearted enough for you, with all its throwaway wisecracks amongst the bloody uber-violence, then along comes Life's a Beach, an add-on pack for the classic Doom- and Wolfenstein-style shooter. Old Duke has managed to find himself some time to take a vacation from all that alien slaying that has kept him so busy and what better place to visit than the sun-soaked Caribbean, where there's not much to do except enjoy the sun and sea, while knocking back a few drinks and appreciating the view. That wouldn't make for much of a game though, so it's not long before the aliens come out, forcing Duke to unleash his coconut launcher and squirt gun and terminate them with extreme prejudice. This is basically an unofficial add-on to Duke Nukem 3D which brings eight new island-themed levels full of tropical mayhem for fans to enjoy, with the gory action taking place to the tune of Caribbean music and with everyone decked out in their best beach gear. If you've been looking for a way to extend Duke Nukem's lifespan a little or a just in the mood for some light-hearted action and violence, then this is a worthy investment of your time. It won't keep you occupied for long, thanks to its fairly short levels and rather low difficulty level, but while it does last, it's a blast. Although it offers the same kind of shooting action we've seen before, the fact that it's all dressed up in island finery gives it some kind of new appeal and it is undeniably entertaining. It's not complex or deep but for when you just want to kick back and blast some aliens on a desert island, this is tough to beat.

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