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Come get some

Anyone still playing the classic first person shooter that is Duke Nukem 3D might be curious to check out this offering which promises a whole lot of content for not very much outlay. However, while there's no denying there's a serious amount of levels on offer here, unfortunately most of it is fairly poor stuff and although playing each one is going to keep you going for some time, you're unlikely to have much fun doing so. What you have here is basically five hundred fanmade maps that were originally available from various places on the internet and which were created with free resources also widely available. There is of course a massive range of levels to explore here, each of which has various themes such as snow, industrial and so on, and the core blasting action at the heart of this package is intact. The essential gameplay is the same as before, and simply requires you to explore while blasting the merry hell out of various nasty enemies with an array of over the top weapons. While this could have been a great add-on pack for a true classic, most of the levels here display their amateur nature. There are some good ones in there, but the majority are just lazily designed, offering nothing that wasn't done better in the original game or the sequels. The levels also suffer from some truly wobbly difficulty levels which veer from ridiculously easy to punishingly unfair. The visuals are as you would expect and there is some fun to be had from the sheer outrageous nature of the core game but ultimately, this is best left on the shelf in favor of real shooters like Dark Forces.

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