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Enjoyable rogue-like RPG

Evets is an obscure but highly fascinating rogue-like dungeon explorer that, while not without its faults, remains an interesting curiosity for video game historians and RPG fans alike. The game starts in fairly traditional RPG-style, similar to Bard's Tale or Ultima, with players creating a party of adventurers by choosing from a decent set of races and classes and then assigning stat points to determine their skills. Once you get into the game proper, things proceed in familiar fashion, with plenty of exploring to do and of course fighting. Exploration is presented via an overhead view, with graphics that are obviously dated and rather crude. Combat is turn-based, with options including fight, run, parry and use magic, and with some encounters requiring multiple enemies to be faced. Your reward for defeating these monsters is the usual mix of treasure and experience. The game proceeds in this fashion, with a few variations popping up every now and then, like traps, shops to upgrade your gear and the like. Evets really is a pretty standard dungeon crawler, but is quite enjoyable despite this. It does suffer somewhat from a fairly cumbersome interface which takes some getting used to and which is slightly less than intuitive, rendering the game more frustrating than it should be. Apart from this quibble though, the rest of the game is as you'd expect from something of this age. As mentioned, the graphics are of a low standard, so don't play this expecting lots of visual flash, but the exploring and combat are decent enough in an old-school way, so if you enjoy similar classics like Rogue, then check this out.

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