Magic Candle 3, The

RPG 1992 Dos Dosbox Mindcraft Top down Fantasy

Repetitive ending of the Magic Candle franchise

Magic Candle 3 is an adventure game with RPG elements, seen from a top down perspective. Therefore, the game is pretty nice for as long as it lasts, and it is pretty interesting to play if you don't mind begin caught in the same kind of repetitive gameplay over and over. Your ultimate goal is to end a blight that has affected the land of Terlemain, but, on the road there, you'll be doing all sort of other quests, most of them involving killing. Magic Candle 3 can be an ok experience if you are not too pretentious or demanding with your top down action RPG, or if you really like this simple, straightforward type gameplay, but, definitely, most other RPGs of the same style, that have survived close scrutiny, have done so due to the diverse gameplay on offer. Not here, but for what the game offers, at least it is not broken or buggy. So, all top down RPG players, this might be for you, if you want a rather straightforward, killing based game without too much frills, bells or whistles or any other niceties.

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