Goblins 3

Adventure 1993 Dos Dosbox Sierra Humorous Cartoon

Not as good as the original, but not bad

First, there was Gobliiins, then there was Gobliins, now Goblins. As one character goes away from game to game, it would seem that the enjoyment from prior game goes away too, leaving us playing Goblins with just one character. The game tries to be funny with goofy cartoonish humor, but does a half-assed job at it, leaving us remembering the good old days when we actually laughed at the spoofs the goblins make. But the game is not all that bad. There are a few surprises, story wise, and the game is still fun to play. It has 18 levels and, just like in Gobliins, some level are interconnected to each other. It has an almost crazy amount of puzzles, and the problem with some players might be the sheer difficulty. They are sometimes practically unslovable without hints or googling the internet for solutions. The game is visually still great looking, very colorful and detailed. That's probably my favorite thing about the game. The soundtrack is also quite good. Overall, Goblins 3 may have lost the edge from the other games but is still fun to play and while you won't be laughing like crazy, you will have some smiles and giggles.

Game review

Nice creatures, proper dose of humour and thinking, plenty of joy from exploring and solving another riddles. Just everything you should expect from a computer game. Heavy pity I didn't play it earlier. The more you play the more exciting it gets. I'm glad that those brainiax have finally created some good stuff...

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