Time runners

Adventure 1994 Dos Simulmondo Cartoon

Good, time traveling themed adventure

In Time runners you are going to run all over history, in the prehistoric period, back into your own time, and then even into the future. The premise is pretty cartoony, you, Max, your girlfriend Jessica and your friend Lucas, a genius who stumbles upon the discovery of time travel, end up traveling, at times uncontrollably through time. Thus, your immediate goal is to survive while trying to make your way home. Of course, complications arise, and you will have to use the entirety of your imagination to solve the puzzles that the game throws at you. But, given the rather not so serious manner in which the game plays out, you are not ever going to feel the gloom or the pressure of the theme, instead, a more lighthearted take on the subject will take center stage. The game also sports a rather juvenile set of graphics, again cartoonish, but at any rate well done, and never too manga or too unserious. So, if you loved time traveling stories and are a fan of 90s adventures, Time runners is a great combination of both, to be taken with a grain of salt, and to be consumed lightheartedly.

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