Puzzle 1997 Windows Webfoot Technologies Reflex oriented

Simple game with addictive gameplay

Those who have played games like bomber will love this one as well because it is a bit more competitive and rich in variety. Starting with the theme of this game, you have to lay bombs strategically at different levels in the game. The aim is to compete with up to 4 different players in the game and to take down the enemies that are there at every level. The obstacles in this game are the walls that block your way towards your goal. The A1 is very good this time because the enemies are not just blind folded monsters moving without any strategy. They actually give you a tough time. You have a rich variety of bombs in the game in the form of mines, dynamites and also have other items to collect like shields ad power ups. The level designs have been given a lot of distinct details which give every level a different look and keeps you interested in the game. The controls are also fine and the interface is a simple one. The graphics in the game are not up to the standard but it is the competitive and entertaining gameplay which makes this game thoroughly entertaining. For same fun and thrill, you should also go for Eggerland.

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