Adventure 1990 Dos Dosbox Interstel Corporation Science Fiction Third Person

Typical oldschool adventure set in space

All the elements of space stories that Star Trek, the Alien series and a few other space operas have delivered are to be found in Earthrise. Therefore, if you want a crude graphical adventure, with a topical in space story and lots of puzzles this is sure a game to try. The unfortunate thing is that the graphics are really poor. The colors are few and crude, the drawings are crude and highly pixilated. While the style may drive a few people away, it is not as much in the lack of more glitter that you will have a problem with, but in the fact that many of the puzzles require you sport objects and to use machinery that is so jaggedly that you almost never know whether it is just background or whether it is a usable utensil. So, all in all, the game will pose this kind of problem from the get go, and if you can get past it then you are in luck. The puzzles, while not the most diverse you are ever going to encounter, are nevertheless well caught in the space opera theme, and mostly logical. As I usually do with these rather graphically dated games, I recommend you to use a walkthrough with this one as well.

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