The Kristal

Adventure 1989 Dos Dosbox Addictive Games Science Fiction Third Person

An adventure game that thought itself too smart...

There is a fine line between parody and plain stupidity or just empty harshness of language, you know, being mean for no reason. In my view, I'd say this game broken both of these barriers making itself unlikeable. And, for a game like this, that took on an unlikeable B movie like esthetic, the addition of being mean and stupid at times is by no means a good thing. Plus, mechanically it's a broken game, which ends up offering you an experience that is just not that interesting. At any rate, The Kristal is a punk wacky adventure, with what I can only imagine to be a Monty Python like sense of humor taken a bit too far by developers without a sense of language command or a sense of what is right. So, The Kristal there are just too many points of contention and too many loose threads that put this game down, not to mention the poor graphics and the really annoying overall production of the game. So, all things considered, The Kristal is a game you'd better stay away from if you can't really stomach such productions that think themselves smarter than they actually are. Instead, rather, see Neuromancer, an adventure that looks kind of like this one, but tells a much more coherent and smart story (tied to the novel of the same name, yes).

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