Arcade 1992 Dos Lee Chapel Single screen Puzzle based

Frogger by any other name!

Leaper (VGA) is a nice Frogger remake, which keeps the recipe almost unchanged, with the exception that this game here looks much better, on one hand because of the much better graphics, which, as the title states are in VGA, that is a resolution of up to 640x480, if your computer supports it (remember this game was released in 92!) and a set of graphics that look well enough in this resolution, have enough depth and are well enough animated so that the game just plays nicely, overall, without leaving a lot to be desired. What you might feel like is left to be desired, could be a much better produced set of levels. Most of them imitate the original, and quite well enough, but if you've played the original Frogger, you might have expected some more variety from this version. Oh, well, after all the gameplay design is simple: navigate your frog from one part of the street to the next, while making sure that you don't get in front of traffic. Because if you do, you have to restart! So, if you want a better, more graphically intense Frogger to play in your DosBox, this one can surely be it: Leaper in VGA is as good as Frogger got in the early 90s!

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