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Be the United Nations World Health official; stop epidemics

While a true United Nations World Health officer would never go about keeping infections and epidemics at bay via nuclear strikes, nevertheless, in this game, that is exactly how you'll do it! In terms of layout, Epidemic! is a top down turn based strategy. You see the world map, with the epidemic spread highlighted in red. You need to target the spread wave in such a way as to insure it doesn't get to the green continents. However, a good idea, to keep the nuclear holocaust at bay, is to target the waves in such a way as to prevent them from capturing new locations. Thus, narrow spots are the best, as you can prevent the spread from happening. In a way, this is a very simple sort of RISK game, but with the enemy always looking to engorge new locations. Graphically, quality wise, Epidemic! is not a very pretty game, but it has all the necessary functional elements you will require. The world is simple, the sea is black while the infected continents are red and the viable ones are green. Overall, small, but nice for a few rounds of world purging. Heh, you can imagine you're nuke-ing zombies for added comfort!

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