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Populous meets Civilization mastergame

Being an almighty game God is not easy, it takes all sort of skills, planning, strategizing, making decisions on so many levels. This game (known also as Ultimate Domain) will remind games like Black and White, Populous and many others of the God style games. The reason is that, from back in the early 90s era, Genesia is by far the most good looking game of its kind. On one hand the resolution is higher, and on the other the color palette of the game is very well chosen. This means that you will have a much more easy-on-the-eyes experience while playing. Other elements are common to the games noted above, the square map and the small islet of land onto which you can operate with the usual commands and interaction tools, from ground sculpting to all the other actions that you can accomplish. To top it all off, you can generate worlds randomly or pick from the 5 preexisting presets and go from there. I highly recommend this game to all those that found Molyneux's Populous games a little too pale and uninspiring. Genesia might not be as original but is certainly a good example for the God strategy game.

Be the micromanaging God you always wanted to be!

Here it is a really good old strategy game. In this, the game strongly reminds me of Populous, the last episode, but that is where the similarities end. Instead of being a god and conquering everything with blood, you have to carefully plan out your nations development. Aside from that, the main objective is to retrieve seven of nine lost precious jewles, and then you win. The game is visually really good. The detail level is really high. The sound departmend is lacking though. There isn't any music, just some unnoticable sounds. But still, this is a very good strategy game that combines elements of empire building and adventure. After finishing once, I guarantee that this game will make you come back to it many more times.

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