Narco Police

Action 1989 Dos Dosbox Iron Byte Science Fiction 3D action adventure

Pretty dope 8bit, pushed to the limits, action adventure!

What I mostly appreciate about Narco Police is that it didn't mind that it was technologically limited. Nope, it pushed forward, against all odds. The game is all made of 2D objects, but that doesn't stop it from creating the illusion of 3D in a very bursting at the seams kind of way, as if it was a driving game, the kind that use front advancing tiles to simulate pushing forward! Not only that, but the game also wanted to be a Golden Box style RPG, with policemen, and guess what, it managed to get that done as well! Oh, and remember those level selecting map sections from Super Mario 3? Well, guess what, this game has that too! Yap, Narco Police is a game that kind of dose nothing well, but it's lack for respect for limitation has got to be endearing! Plus, it also is a bit of a rat mobile creation, as in the level select areas it plays upbeat music, while in the levels themselves the music is mostly dark and more techno beat like! So yeah, it's a living, shooting contradiction, I probably should have hated it, but instead I got drawn to it like one gets drawn to an Escher painting: maybe there're something after this tunnel bit, let's see what else the developers have conjured! So, yeah, play it, it's a strange but rewarding experience, a very unlikely game! Oh, and for good measure, play Virus as well, this one also has love for the strange and for the unlikely!

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