Action 1987 Dos Dosbox Mastertronic Science Fiction 3D action adventure

Top notch blasting thrills

If you've ever played the classic early 3D shooter Rescue on Fractulus, then you'll know what to expect from this little known retro experience. It's an ambitious game but even despite its age, it remains an exciting blast from the past that is well worth digging out if you're a fan of Starglider and similar games. The player takes on the role of a bold space adventurer who has been sent into the heart of a conflict between humanity and the Perdusians (a thinly veiled take on Russia) and who must terminate the enemy at all costs. To help you in your undeniably tricky task, you have a hi-tech Northall Q15 at your disposal, a sort of flashy combination of helicopter and jet which comes packing kick-ass weaponry, handy shields and a radar. In gameplay terms, what this translates into is a first-person shooter, depicted in glorious old-school 3D, where you zoom around blowing up aircraft and hovercraft with wild abandon. You've got a few options to tweak, including whether to focus on ground or air combat, while you can increase or decrease the intensity to suit your mood. On top of that, you have training modes as well as ten scenarios to really test your skills, while there's even a tactical screen where you can plan your attacks and pick out the most important spots to head to. While Prowler isn't exactly complex stuff, it remains an exciting and addictive experience that stands up well today. The 3D graphics are fairly basic but zip around at a fair old pace, making the action fast and furious so if you are enjoy Battlezone then check this one out.

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