Strike II

Action 1991 Dos Dosbox Millennium Interactive Science Fiction 3D action adventure

Non-stop action

The 3D blasting genre isn't one that's shy of a few decent titles to enjoy, from the likes of venerable classics like Battlezone to Killing Cloud and beyond. This sequel to Thunder Strike isn't quite a true classic, but it packs enough shooting action to keep even the most devoted of fans happy for a while. The game gets off to an odd start, with some slightly strange presentation where a tough guy and a mecha guard face off sternly against one another but getting past this gives you a choice of several alien races. They each have access to slightly different tech, like faster ships, better armour and the like, and then you get to choose a craft. Once this is done, it's on to the game proper, and this is where the action starts. You're thrown right into the thick of it instantly, and must venture forth into a series of arena-style levels where you pretty much have to blow everything up as quickly as possible. There is a mission-based structure which provides some extra interest and challenge but it's not always clear what exactly you're supposed to do, so you might as well just shoot everything and hope that it suffices. Strike II certainly isn't deep or complex but it's pretty enjoyable as far as it goes. It lacks the sophistication and exploration of things like Descent but on its own terms, it works well enough. The graphics aren't spectacular but are certainly good enough for the period, with environments and ships that are lacking in detail but which still retain a certain sense of personality. It's not a must-play but if you want to blow stuff up, this does the job.

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