Apache Strike

Action 1987 Dos Dosbox Activision Shooter Aliens invasion Military FPS

Alien shooter from the cockpit of a vanilla helicopter

In Apache Strike you will face doomsday, or, at the least, a version of a doomsday that you'd want to look into, that you'd want to consider. Apache Strike is definitely a game that is well produced and well delivered, frankly taken into a direction that will see you entertained, but, without a question, not at all fully developed. Sure, it was released a bit too early in time (89) to be able to nonchalantly ask too much realism out of it (plus, it is an arcade game, for all intents and purposes) but it gets boring a bit too soon... However, I can appreciate what it did, and the way it did it, the graphical elements, the play with very square pieces to create a cityscape, as well as the aliens and their way of moving about. At any rate, at the time of its release it was top notch, as it had 256 colors palette (which of course, it rarely uses in its entirety!), and it has that oldie AAA game vibe, which means that while not so very creative it is much more polished than other games. So, unless you want more oomph (case in which you should download Apache Air Assault) then it can be a good late 80s arcade shooter and flight game choice.

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