Fade to Black

Action 1995 Dos Dosbox Delphine Software Third Person Futuristic

Sequel to the action adventure Flashback

Flashback: the Quest for Identity was an early 90s action adventure, a third person 3D action adventure game, pretty well advanced for its time; the sequel Fade to Black maintains the same build, both gameplay wise as well as graphically, and it has both the on foot, action shooting and platforming portions as well as a good chunk of air combat and other assorted, mix of stages. So, overall, Fade to Black plays really nicely, controls via the WASD modern control scheme, and is paced pretty well. Yes, you'll often feel that the levels are kind of empty of any elements that are not impactful on the gameplay, but overall, Fade to Black does a great job of it all. It's fun to play, even when it kind of gets sluggish with the advance. It is, after all a budget oriented game, but given the number of diverse missions, I think you will find it pretty fun to play. So, overall, while not some gem of action and shooting plus extras, it nonetheless stands its ground, and offers you a fun experience throughout, which is just great, keeping you at the edge of your seat most often. It's fun, even if simple fun, but it sure it's fun! Play the both, when action adventures in 3D and from a third person perspective is what you crave!

Don't waste your time

Fade to Black is an action videogame released in 1995 and also a a sequel to the cinematic platformer known as Flashback. Its french developer, Delphine Software, received many positive critics its games Flashback or Another World, but in my opinion, failed with this one. The action begins with your character Conrad Hart stuck in a cell, and you have to use your brain to escape from it. But actually, I wondered: was it worth bothering? I was disappointed by the mediocre graphics, sounds and by the horribly poor controls. When I've discovered my first enemy that shot me without noticing, I aimed at that bastard, took him down but also without noticing. Let me tell you why I was surprised about this accidentally "luck": because the aim sucks and you don't have a clear target. It is placed at an uncertain point above your head. Weird and stupid! It would have been better if the aim option hadn't existed, for me, it could have been the same thing. Also, the simple movements are difficult because of the bad control of your character, and this leads to a high inconvenience and an immediate uninstall of this game. I guess this game gained its reputation only because of its greater prequel, as for the rest, I will refrain from additional comments.

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