Deadly Tide

Action 1996 Windows Microsoft Futuristic Movie style

A repetitive mess

Deadly Tide is on-rails shooter developed by Rainbow Studios and published by Microsoft Game Studios in 1996. Back in the '90s, a lot of game thought that full motion videos in games was the future, but a lot of these were just failed attempts to be at least called games. Deadly cannot be consider that bad, however due some its fault, many gamers turned the game off before even completing half of the game. The main cause of this was the repetitive style of gameplay. Like a in The Hive, all you had to do in the game was to shoot moving targets on screen with either lasers or torpedos... and that's it. That's all you do. There are some parts where you walk on foot, but the gameplay remains the same, never being changed at all. While the animations and full motion videos are cool to look at, they don't help the game much. Even the sounds are so repetitive that you'd play the game on mute. In conclusion, Deadly Tied is a repetitive mess of a game and it's not worth your time. You'd be better of playing Atari 2600 games. At least those games have an excuse for being repetitive!

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