Puzzle 1997 Windows Webfoot Technologies Brainteaser

Soko-Ban like; move all the pieces in their right spots

In Farocar you are tasked with finding a way to move all the pieces of the puzzle, but, in as few moves as possible. You control a mini vehicle that can push, pull and interact with these pieces. Because the space where you can move is limited, you have to carefully plan your advancement. Otherwise, you might end up blocking your own way, or, just as bad, having to perform a lot more actions in order to get your pieces back where they were, and then start assembling them from there. Graphically, compared to the similar game of the same puzzle structure, Soko-Ban, Farocar is less well produced, with far less attention to the graphical detail. It isn't, however, a bad looking game, it's just that it is not as nice, it has but a few colors, and very uninspired backgrounds. But, the gameplay is pretty cool, and if you love tile arranging puzzles, or, rather, tile and actor puzzles, you will love this one too. A better one, for added content, that you should also download, is Deadly Rooms of Death, a far larger, more comprehensive game, content wise.

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