Puzzle 1998 Windows Mike Brent Brainteaser

Foxes are friends

This rather bizarrely titled bit of shareware fun is actually a pretty clever little puzzle game which takes elements of Othello and an equally unusual game called Chain Reaction and marries them with Street Fighter of all things. The end result is a simple but undeniably addictive and enjoyable game which is well worth wasting some time on. The basic concept sees two players placing foxes into various rooms on a grid. Once a specified amount of foxes fill up a room, they scatter and spread out into the surrounding rooms, changing color as they do so. The overall goal is to change all the foxes into your own color. So where does the Street Fighter inspiration come in? Well, good question. As you create larger and larger combos, 'fox morphs' heavily inspired by the classic fighter appear and battle it out on the screen, knocking out combos like there's no tomorrow. That's pretty much it really in terms of gameplay and although Yiff! is unquestionably simple stuff, it's no less enjoyable for this fact. The game is best played in two player mode, as although the computer puts up a very stiff challenge, there's no beating going head to head with another real player. The gameplay is very easy to pick up, with little in the way of complex mechanics to get in the way of the fun, but it's a hard one to master, and you'll need to think about your moves every step of the way. The visuals are low key, but the fighting foxes are kind of cool and give the game some personality so if you want a clever bit of fun, then check it out.

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