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ASCII submarine game, unimpressive even for 82

Don't want to brag, or anything, but I think I could have done a better job at polishing this game! You see, the game was written in BASIC, an old computer programming language. Now, while I won't comment on the level of detail (or lack of, thereof!) of the graphics (it's ASCII, and not very unimaginative ASCII art/world building either!) I will say that the math and logic that is under the hood of the behavior of the submersibles and the other enemies in the game could have been better. But, for a freeware experiment, I must admit that it's above your average. Back in the day when new games meant imputing strings of data from a cheap paper (Your Sinclair!) magazine, a lot of lesser games would keep me entertained! But, that's not saying a lot either, so, yeah, take it with a grain of salt as well! You want to play this only for the sake of the experience; nope, if you want to play a genuine submersible game, download any of the Silent Hunter games, Seawolf is for those that crave the good old days of ZX Spectrum and BASIC (sic!) troubleshooting!

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