Rollo and the Brush Bros.

Action 1984 Dos Dosbox Windmill Software Arcade style

A coloring completion arcader; not fun enough...

In Rollo and the Brush Bros. you will be competing against, presumably, your friend so as to demonstrate him that you are the better painter. But in the game you are but a brush, going about painting the squares that make up the levels. However, don't let the other brush(es) catch you, that is the end of the game. So, how can you make such a game have an edge, you know have some puzzle in it? Well, the idea is that you have to decide ahead of time what route to take to outsmart your opponent, and so, you are going to have an edge against them, especially if they aren't as speedy as you. Yeah, it's a simple and well, not very charged game, but weirdly enough, it will manage to draw you in. And so, if you look for an oldschool, kind of made up game, kind of a fishy premise, but a relaxing one, this can sure be it. Although, don't expect to play it a lot after you are done with it. It doesn't really have staying power, being as it is much like a chore simulator (!) where some asshole friend tries to stab you in your toenail, adding insult to injury! Alternatively, see a game of Snake, you know, for that classic oldschool feel and vibe and relatively relaxing gameplay.

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