Jungle Hunt

Action 1984 Dos Dosbox Atari Arcade style

Very nice but very hard

Jungle Hunt is a decent arcade style game that is, even by 1984 standards, pretty simple in terms of graphics and very challenging in the terms of gameplay. The game is divided into four stages, which you must overcome to save your fair maiden from the clutches of hungry cannibals. The first stage is swinging from vine to vine to get to the river. In the river, you must dive and avoid or destroy the hungry alligators that are out to eat you. After that, you have to climb a very difficult mountain and avoid the always coming boulders. And lastly, you have to fend of the cannibals that are just about ready to cook your woman for dinner. The game is very fun to play but also very difficult. The boulder part is especially hard, and you will spend no small amout of time on that section of the game. The graphics are very crude and simple, even for the early eighties when the game was released. The sounds are also of the simplest kind and very high pitched, quite irritating, actually. This game will only have a special appeal to the lovers of vitage gaming, while other player might want to try a graphically more advanced arcade game, such as Pitfall The Mayan Adventure.

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