Free D.C.!

Adventure 1991 Dos Cineplay Interactive Science Fiction

Claymation human zoo adventure game; interesting adventure

Free D.C! is an interesting adventure game for two main reasons: on one hand it has got a really cool story: in the future the world is overtaken by robots, and, while most of the human kind has been dealt with, killed and destroyed, there are also a few humans that have been kept, in a zoo, along with some other human culture remains, for the entertainment of the robots. The second cool thing of the game, is that the animations are produced using the classic and yet not very much used of Claymation animation technique, which consists in actually producing miniatures of the game characters and other areas from clay, and then assembling animations from statics of clay, in different positions, much like a claymation animation. Also, the adventure game itself, with the dialogues and the puzzles, is pretty cool, while the story revolves around a 24 hour period in which the humans can find out why they are being decimated. Alternatively, download The Neverhood, one of the most well known claymation adventures ever, definitely a better, overall, option to Free D. C.!

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