Cosmic Spacehead

Adventure 1992 Dos Dosbox Codemasters Science Fiction Cartoon

Jetsons styled adventure, fun for children

Cosmic Spacehead is great mostly because of the roaster of characters rather than purely because of its gameplay. Because, gameplay wise, this is a title that is a bit on the lite/unpretentious side. The puzzles, at least, are delivered via mouse and keyboard interaction and involve solving logic conundrums, are all about action and about other such things. There are 32 arcade minigames in total, quite a lot of variety, but, as you will soon find out, the games are not so differently styled, and they are almost all the same built on the same set of principles. So, naturally, Cosmic Spacehead is a game that knows how to take itself seriously, but at the same time remain lighthearted and fun. Some of the minigames rely a bit too much on luck, but other than that, most of them are great and really enjoyable. So, yes, give Cosmic Spacehead a go if you want a simplistic adventure that doesn't try to serve anything too serious. It's like a simplified Gobliins adventure, but even simpler than that one!

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