Adventure 1992 Dos Dennis Cunningham Science Fiction

Interactive fiction with Sci Fi overtones and lots of puns!

Whoever said that you can't do Sci Fi and at the same time be brilliantly tongue in cheek, or, rather, put a lot of puns and humor in your text, certainly didn't play this game here! Because T-Zero is a very long, game, on one hand, but not only that, it is an epic production that takes its cues from Twilight Zone like productions, but takes them into a very different direction. A hint of Trinity is always present in the game, especially in the story, but also to a degree in the way the puzzles are built. And, while an interactive fiction game, it also uses a parser to allow you to interact with it. The parser is fairly modern, accepting of variations of words and even, at times, misspelled words. At any rate, those that love H.G. Welles writings, but don't necessarily want a straight serious tale of massive words, will find in T-Zero a very interesting variation. The puzzles in this one are great, the story is quite winding and weird at times, and overall, for Sci Fi fans it will prove a very lovable interactive fiction game. So, do download it!

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