Midwinter 2

Strategy 1991 Dos Dosbox Maelstrom Games Science Fiction

Intricate collage of action with managerial elements

Midwinter 2 is a very original game, combining strategy, tactics, economic elements as well as resource gathering elements under one and the same game, in a manner that will seem to some novel while to others it will just seem a bit too complicated and abstruse. At any rate, if all these elements are to make a standalone game, that game must be a Tycoon of sorts, but, unfortunately, all these disparate elements fail to create a unique and approachable game. Yes, you will be immersed in whatever activity you are endeavoring to complete at any given moment, but the entire list of interactible elements are less then neatly held together, which is not something you will really enjoy. Remember I said there was action? Well, imagine that over this hot mess of elements there was also a live action portion, something in the vein of an adventure game, with bits of secret agent narrative. Yap, it's just too much, there is just too little in the realm of optimization, and no single element that you will find appealing enough to merit a revisit. Instead I advise you to try out a Gary Grigsby strategy and couple that with an oldie adventure starring Mr. Fancy Martini guzzling Bond (007 - License to Kill)! Better keep them separated and fun rather than coupled together and altogether sucky!

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