Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers

Action 2006 Windows Nordic Games Military Strategic scope Military FPS Simulation Tpp Strategy Modern

Time for war

The original Full Spectrum Warrior was a pretty decent mix of action and strategy that provided plenty of explosive and tense military encounters. This followup continues in the same vein and fans of the original would be well advised to pick it up. The story continues from where the earlier game left off and although the tyrant who was your target then is dead, a civil war has sprung up and which threatens to cause even more trouble. Players are given command of two squads of elite soldiers and charged with completing a series of complex and tactically demanding missions. The trick here though is that instead of just being a first person shooter like Call of Duty, this is more like Hidden & Dangerous in that you get to control each man in your squad, issuing orders as you go. This makes things more complex as you have manage multiple elements at the same time, but it also adds a whole heap of depth to things. There are some nice new additions here, such as the ability to give commands to individual soldiers, while there are also new vehicles, while you can now enter buildings. The missions are very varied and keep both your tactical mind occupied as well as your reflexes, while the highly destructible environments are impressively rendered and exciting to explore. Although things can get quite complex at times, the control system is intuitive and largely works well, making playing a relative breeze. When you throw in the gripping storyline you have a top notch bit of military fun.

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