Metaltech: Earthsiege 2

Action 1996 Windows Dynamix Shooter Robots

Mech action game, a lesser, forgettable story though

One thing that Mechs don't really get in their games is stories that are a bit more original. But, I guess, the developers are justified to leave enthralling plot for some other games, given that the selling point of those are the actual action bits, the crazy adventure of controlling towering, hulking pieces of metal, in a world that also wants mechs to do battle with eachother. So, this is the backdrop storywise: the robots have taken over as the dominant race on Earth, and are looking to replace humans, and the humans use mechs to get a fighting chance. In the game this never ending war is served via levels with their appropriate tasks, where you'll mostly skirmish your way on the map, hoping to deliver as much destruction as possible before you get killed. Graphically it's got that Quake look and vibe going, so expect some sprites as well, along with fully 3D models as well. Yeah, it's a game caught between modernity and the age of Doom, but, well, it does the job and is fun, if not that smart a game. Play Battledrome as well when you get enough of Metaltech: Earthsiege 2 but still feel like some mech action is needed.

A cool mecha sci fi shooter

I would describe this game as a mecha fist person shooter game with sci fi elements. A continuation of Earthsiege, this game brings a better gameplay and a few graphic addition to the series. The territory is a wasteland and there are a race of intelligent robots swarming about and you have to destroy both them and their bases before they do some serious trouble. You yourself control a giant robot that goes around and destroys those robots. To beautify the territory, you now walk on sand, snow, lava and other terrains. You are equipped with a map to find your way and have a lock on system to better get rid of the menace. The controls are very easy to manouver, just the keyboard movement controls and clicks of the mouse. The graphics are great and you control the robot from the first person perspective in great 3D detail. Overal, the game has great and easy gameplay with a lot of explosions and a huge level of enjoyment over all the 50 missions the game provides. Much better than the original, that's for sure.

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