GBA Championship Basketball

Sport 1986 Dos Dosbox Activision Basketball

Arcade basketball, bare minimum graphics

After I first made this game to run, boy, was I impressed with it! It is as retro as it could ever be, well playable and more enjoyable than I would have thought. You'll think it to be some sort of gag, some sort of sports game made to make fun of the retro staples of the era, if, for some reason, you don't discover or know that it was a very early game, released in 86. Because, here it is: it has back, while and magenta for a color scheme! It asks you if you want to play with the keyboard or if you are more interested in playing with a joystick controller! Yep, it's as retro as a basketball game could ever be, and within its predecessor category it sure is a workable, well enjoyable game. So give it a try, it will not disappoint. Sure, it won't be a graphical party, expect if this minimalist production set of values is what sets you up, but otherwise it will just seem a little strange. Alternatively, download GBA Championship Football, yet another game from the same company, yet one dedicated to the US brand of football.

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