Hateful Chris: Never Say Buy

Action 2001 Windows Furious Entertainment Cartoon Humorous

A uniquely troubled platformer game!

Imagine a simple platforming game that made it its life work to critique the way in which our world, or at least the American world is built: everything revolves around money and around the power that economic ties has. Thus, in this kind of environment there is little space for anything other than economic growth. But, the protagonist of the game, Hateful Chris is set to destroy these preconceptions and to create a brand new world. But first, before rebuilding can begin, a lot has got to be destroyed. Thus, the game is nothing but a run and gun, but interestingly enough there is enough diversity at the level of the weapons used and of the level design itself that you will not feel bored for the duration of the game. One game that is as violent as this one is Postal but also, Rockstar's Manhunt. However, this particular game is definitely smaller and more of a fan creation when all things are considered, so don't expect a jewel. To kick things around and keep the game fresh, along with the killing and platforming there is also quite a bit of fiddling around with puzzles and solving mini games. So, all things considered, Hateful Chris: Never Say Buy will manage to remain interesting, especially if you don't mind a bit of gratuitous violence.

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