Attack of The Mutant Camels

Action 2000 Windows Humorous

Remake of the eponymous C64 weird bonanza!

Attack of The Mutant Camels is a remake of a title that had been made for the Commodore 64 in the late 80s, and, just as that one, it is a vertical shooter game, with some strange, quirky, yet very cool ideas! I mean, you have to think that few games have any flying camels in them, so, the ones that have any are evidently very cool. But there is more than not only the flying camels, but these camels are in a never ending war against the mighty baddies that are the flying orangutans, whom you'll shoot quite a few of until the game has exhausted its gag! Sure, this, as the original, is not a serious game; it's more of a crazy idea seen to fruition, and I think many will just hate it because of its utter in your face humor, kind of not giving a damn nature! But, for what it is, and remember this is not the original, this is a remake, it's alright enough. Plus, the graphics of the beginning of the 2000s make this game look much better, much more palatable, and so, worthy of a look! So fly away, yer olde crazy camels! Or else, if you're feeling more towards trying something that has a tinge of traditional, download the mighty Super R Type, that is, similarly, a better clothed horizontal shooter, than the very first version of itself.

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