Gigantic Gear

Action 2002 Windows Robots Science Fiction

Giant robot action/shooter game, very Japanese in style

In Gigantic Gear you will control a huge, massive robot that is all about battling other robots and doing as much damage as possible. The Japanese theme of the game, means that you will be able to assemble your mech form the spare parts that are available, and that, within the 3 levels of the game (they are pretty large, though) you will have no issues in finding the right combination of robotic pieces to get the most out of the game. The game, while relatively easy, is, as most of these Japanese gems are, quite well polished, even if not very well attuned to offering you something very original. But, then again, that is the culture of the Japanese, produce good quality products but without a lot of personal style or choices. So, with a simple control scheme, you can control the shooting, and change your weapons or fly for short periods of time, all in the name of location the enemies which are visible if you are in range, on the radar that the game comes with. A download alternative is Giants of Steel, a similar game, though very much European in style, gameplay and graphics.

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