MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries

Action 2002 Windows Microsoft Robots Science Fiction

Impressive and challenging, the best of the series

MechWarrior is back with the stand-alone expansion to the fourth game of the series: Vengeance. 16 years have passed since the first MechWarrior was released, where the robot monsters acquired a legendary aura. This game comes with catchy graphics, and your character fights for money and for the pure pleasure to kill. So, the value and purpose of honour is vanished by the cash, and this is the fundamental difference between this game and MechWarrior 4: Vengeance. You are loyal to your goals and your assigned missions. You will have the big chance to control gigantic robots that weight thousand of tons, hire a team, take any job that seems challenging and interesting, and to blow up everything that stays in our way. There are over 40 missions and you will have to choose from more than 35 'Mechs. The impressive number of upgrades will help you show your talent in the massive battles taken in the year 3036. The conflict unleashes in the Inner Sphere planet Kentares IV and its moon. The game is extremely well designed and the producers spent a lot of attention on the environment detail - buildings, trees, roads, bridges. Try to survive the war and spend your daily money in the most entertaining way by playing Mercenaries!

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