Arcade 1998 Windows Hasbro Interactive Puzzle based

Almost glovely

Super Mario 64 is pretty much the benchmark for 3D platformers and while this fairly unknown addition the genre isn't quite in the same league, it certainly makes for an entertaining diversion. The slightly bizarre storyline describes how a wizard is mixing up a batch of potions when an explosion blasts his gloves off. One ends up in relative safety outside the castle but the other winds up in a rather nasty potion mixture and which sets this glove down a road of conquest and evil. To further add to the problem, the magic crystals which sat on top of the castle, and which gave the land its life force, also got caught up in the explosion and have now been scattered to the four winds. The player takes on the role of the good glove, Glover, and must set out to retrieve the crystals while bringing about an end to the evil glove's plans. What follows is a fairly straightforward 3D platform romp through a series of levels with themes as varied as carnival, pirate, prehistoric and even science fiction. There's the usual mix of platforming and puzzling to get through and generally speaking this is rarely less than enjoyable. The levels are nicely varied and represented well visually, making this an attractive game. However, a few fairly major issues prevent it from being a must play. The camera system is pretty wonky, making it difficult to know exactly what's going on, while the controls are also less than perfect, again making for frequent moments of frustration. It's a shame really, as there plenty of great ideas in here but if you can get past the flaws, you should still have a good time.

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