Pac-Man: Adventures in Time

Arcade 2000 Windows Hasbro Interactive Puzzle based

Pac is back!

Pac Man, the original arcade superstar, has starred in a number of games over the years, some of which stick to the original formula, like Pac-Mania which added 3D to things, and others which depart quite heavily, like the platformer Pac-land. Adventures in time is definitely in the former category and it is actually quite similar to the aforementioned Pac-Mania, in that it is basically a 3D version of the original maze-running, pill-gobbling classic. To spice things up however, you're sent on a time-travelling adventure, that sees you exploring several historical periods, past and future, with Ancient Egypt and outer space both on the itinerary. In gameplay terms, this is very much business as usual for old Pac, only with a bit more storyline, and which requires you to run around a number of 3D mazes, grabbing pills and munching bad guys. Some mazes feature split levels, adding a bit of a twist, while there are also a lot more hazards to watch out for. You've also got some mini-games to find, which throws in even more variety, while the storyline ties it all nicely together. Adventures in Time is one of those sequels which gets pretty much everything right. It feels like a proper Pac-Man game but updated to match the time in which it was released, with the new hazards, storyline and visuals all giving Pac a new style but which is entirely respectful to his origins. The game really does look quite lovely, with some nicely detailed environments which leap off the screen, while the essential gameplay is as enticing as ever, making this a fine addition to any arcade fan's collection.

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