Arcade 1996 Dos Dosbox Krisalis Futuristic Puzzle based

Earth is a TV show, and without war it`s not a top program!

In Legends, the entire of humanity is reduced to peons in this intergalactic broadcasting system. However, while much of the history of the earthen creatures has been all about massacre and fighting, the future seems to be a lot less heavy on these kinds of things that draw an audience, and so, the aliens have no other option than to interfere, to tilt the balance of a possible war of great scale in their favor. But, us too, humans, through a British (of all people!) scientist manage to get a grip on the situation and we become capable of targeting these nasty aliens. And, when it comes down to playing you will feel like you are playing a Zelda game that has been sneakily pumped up full of 16 bit beauty. That translates to beautiful, charged 16 bit landscapes that look amazing, while the gameplay is pretty similar in style to the kind of RPG that Zelda was. Sure, the backstory feels a little taken out of context, as the game looks like a pimped out Japanese RPG, while the story is all European, but, it works and is fun, and that is enough.

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