Asterix: Operation Getafix

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Cure the old druid

A very nice memory from my childhood, Operation Getafix is a very cute platform game that revolves around the fabled Asterix, the mightiest Gaul of the Roman Empire. Asterix is on a mission to find ingredients and to mix a potion that will cure Getafix the village druid, who has become a lunatic because Obelix accidentally dropped a menhir on his head. Asterix will have to fight Romans, kill wild boars and make money by playing dice to get the ingredients and cure the old druid, so he can continue to brew the mighty potion that makes the Gaul village the one undefeated fort against all of Roman Empire. The game is pretty fun and quirky - Asterix uses his fists to defeat the Roman soldiers and other menaces, and there are also non action sequences, where he tries different ingredients to make the needed potions. The graphics are nice and colorful and the animation is smooth and adequate for this kind of game. Operation Getafix is excellent for all lovers of Asterix and Obelix and a great deal of fun. Recommended! For other games based on comic characters, check out one of the games from the Tintin series.

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