Primal Prey

Action 2001 Windows ARUSH Entertainment Shooter

Good action packed fun

The game is all about action shooting and deadly adventure and has a unique theme on the offering. The theme or the plot is hunting, but it is not like hunting some lion or deer. Well this time you will be fantasizing in a deadly world as you have moved back 100 million years and are now in the regime of the deadly dinosaurs. Yes you need to hunt them down and kill them and you will have a wide variety of weapons for this purpose. The weapons include rifle, shot gun, goggles for night vision and rail gun. Each of the weapon has its varied use and you need go utilize them wisely for various missions in the game. The game involves around 20 different missions which are full of horror and adventure as you go through swamps and jungles and come across dinosaur of different types. Yes you will see a complete range of different dinosaur like you have seen in the movies and probably more. The graphics in the game are good enough and the user interface is also well balanced. At the levels have distinct terrains and you will also like the hunting dynamics that are involved here.

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