Quest for Alqaeda: The hunt for Bin Laden

Action 2002 Windows 3D Realms Shooter Military FPS

Worst game ever?

Oh dear. It is with great trepidation that anyone should approach this game, with the title alone setting off alarm bells in the mind of any decent and self-respecting gamer. It's no great surprise that such a game exists to be honest, but that doesn't mean that it should. Even when the questionable motives of the game are thrown aside though, and it is viewed as straightforward enough shooter, The Hunt for Bin Laden pretty much fails miserably on every front. It's not exactly a subtle game, and right from the outset you can tell that this is as much a flag waving bit of propaganda as it is a game and while some might find it amusing, any right-minded gamer is simply going to be offended not only by its message as by its poor implementation. The Hunt for Bin Laden rips off pretty much every shooter you've ever played from Doom to Redneck Rampage but manages to do it with such staggering ineptitude, it makes you wonder about those who put it out there. Right from the start, things go wrong with dull level design that is about as visually uninteresting and cliched as it is possible to be. Things don't get much better when you actually start to play, with incredibly imprecise shooting that seems to aim about three feet to the left of anything you think you're targeting (but which still manages to hit the enemy). Things progress in the same plodding manner, with level after level of the same tedious, rinse repeat gameplay, while you can almost hear the designers rubbing their own hands at their sheer cleverness in the background. However, not only are they not clever, they're not good game designers either so if you have any sense, steer well clear of this wretched excuse for a game.

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