Greg Norman's Shark Attack!

Sport 1989 Dos Dosbox Gremlin Interactive Golf

Be the ball

No, this isn't some kind of ocean based predator simulator, or an adaptation of Jaws, but is instead a superb golf simulator that bears the name of one of the sport's greatest players, and who happens to have the nickname of The Great White Shark. Even today it remains as a fine example of the genre and if you are are a fan of PGA Tour Golf or Links, then this should be on your list of golfing games to play. In many ways, it might seem a little limited compared to later games but it still stands as being simply a well executed game that is highly enjoyable. There are all the usual options on offer here, including match play and stroke play, as well as a practice mode and some multiplayer modes too, while there are two courses to try your hand at, both of which are detailed and accurate representations of real world courses. Most of the game is played out in 3D, with overhead views for map screen and before taking a shot, while you also have to contend with weather effects, such as wind, although these can be turned off if you just want to swing. The controls here are pretty simple to pick up but quite tricky to master, so although you'll be playing the game in no time, it takes little while to get those balls going exactly where you want them too, which is exactly as it should be. The visuals here are looking a little dated now but still possess plenty of old school charm but its the attention to detail and realism here which are the big attractions and in this respect, Shark Attack has to be considered a success. If you're in the market for a new golf game, this should be at the top of your list.

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