Head over Heels

Action 2003 Windows RetroSpec Humorous Adventure Strategy

Puzzle and action blend from the days of the ZX Spectrum!

I have a special place in my hear for games that utilize the kind of tilted 90 degrees false 3D perspective that many games on the ZX Spectrum made famous. Therefore, this remake of a ZX Spectrum game released for modern Windows systems found me quite joyous. So, what the game is is an exploration and puzzle solving collection of arenas, one screen in dimensions each. The locations are all interior, where you will be controlling the two mandatory heroes. Like in The Lost Vikings, each of them have unique and at the same time complimentary abilities, and solving the puzzles and getting through the action/fight reprises takes collaboration. But, even if our two heroes are spies, they are not set in a very somber world. Nope, there's place for humor here, executed and delivered in various ways. From the laugh out loud name of some of the weapons and powers that these two wiled to the meanderings of the story, there will be giggles, but also challenge. Nope, Head over Heels is not an easy game, but it's a fair and well executed one. Definitely worth a go for ZX enthusiasts as well as for adventure/action fanatics.

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