History Line 1914-1918

Strategy 1992 Dos Dosbox Blue Byte World Wars Turn based

Glorious, educational and fun

History Line 1914-1918 is a strategy game released in 1992 by Blue Byte, a company popular for Battle Isle game, that also continues to create games for the next generation. The action takes place during the First World War, a period that brought dark memories full of fear to the survivors of those times. Blue Byte is a german company, with brave employees, that decided to produce a videogame about some of the most murderous historic events where Germans represented a powerful empire. This initative wasn't quite a thing people would expect, because Germans don't like to talk about the conflicts they got into, even nowadays. History Line 1914-1918 contains impressive animations (which are also for educational purposes), detailed aspects about the ones implied in War, sequences of assassinations, and many more. You have to complete maps, being on the German or on the French side. You can't change the course of events, since the gameplay is linear. If you played Battle Isle, you will be familiar with the playability of this game. If not, you will also find History Line an intuitive, interesting and satisfying game. Of course, you will notice the improved graphics and tactics you have to adopt in this historical edition. In the main menu you have the possibility to choose how to control the game: with the joystick (which is the easiest to use), with the mouse or keys. The Blue Byte's purpose to create this game wasn't to promote the War, but to inform the players about the circumstances in which it started. So, don't miss this glorious and fun game!

First World War strategy game

This is a good old war time strategy game. You take your turn with the computer in positioning your units and attacking the enemy. There are many different levels with infantry, calvery, cannons, tanks, airplanes, battleships and more.

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